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Too Old For Motor Racing

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We all have dreams of what we want to do and who we want to become. Many of us eventually decide it is too late; we have missed our chances. But is it ever really too late to try?

Don Simpson does not think so. In his memoir, Too Old for Motor Racing, he tells the story of how he became a race car driver at the age of sixty-two. Simpson is an ordinary man from a regular family; he spent his early years living on a council estate in Liverpool, UK. He attended the school at the end of his street, leaving as soon as he could. As a young man with a young family, he could not indulge in his passion for motor racing except as a spectator; racing was simply too expensive and risky for someone with a family to take care of. Later in life, however, Simpson discovered limits are almost always imagined, not real. At the age of sixty-two, he began to race.

Although your passion may be for something other than motor racing, this memoir seeks to inspire you to go after your dreams, because it is never too late to try.

Ray Tracing And Beyond

RRP $323.99

This complete introduction to the use of modern ray tracing techniques in plasma physics describes the powerful mathematical methods generally applicable to vector wave equations in non-uniform media, and clearly demonstrates the application of these methods to simplify and solve important problems in plasma wave theory. Key analytical concepts are carefully introduced as needed, encouraging the development of a visual intuition for the underlying methodology, with more advanced mathematical concepts succinctly explained in the appendices, and supporting Matlab and Raycon code available online. Covering variational principles, covariant formulations, caustics, tunnelling, mode conversion, weak dissipation, wave emission from coherent sources, incoherent wave fields, and collective wave absorption and emission, all within an accessible framework using standard plasma physics notation, this is an invaluable resource for graduate students and researchers in plasma physics.

Embracing Faith

RRP $13.99

Doing the wrong thing, never felt so right! Faith, a young beautiful woman who has spent her romantic life with Jim (her fiance) feeling ashamed to do or say anything. But during a visit to see Jim's sister, Ella, Faith discovers that Ella's boyfriend has a caring and sensual side that she has yearned for in her life ever since she first met him. And now it might just be Faith's chance to break away from the emotionally abusive relationship she has grown accustom too. But at what cost? This suspenseful, sensual, and very erotic short from author P.S. Anderson takes the reader on a psychological journey that may not be too far fetched for some.

Janitor And Cleaner Career (special Edition)

RRP $18.99

In clear, easy-to-grasp language, the author covers many of the topics that you will need to know in order to win your dream job and be the first in line for a promotion.

Craig's Motor Racing Articles

RRP $16.99

"There are only three sports: bullfighting, mountain climbing and motor racing; all the rest are merely games." - Ernest Hemingway "Grand Prix racing is primarily a mental contest... it's a battle of strength of wills by the combatants and a magnificent contest, the arena to display and share unique gifts and talents. Perhaps in this 'theatre of speed', F1 is a metaphor for life itself" - craig lock A collection of articles on my great passion (or rather life-long obsession), motor racing, but especially Formula 1 and V8 Supercars (Australia). "I don't want to live a balanced life, I just want to win." * - Mario Andretti (1978 Formula One World Champion) * or words to that effect "I don't want to live a balanced life, I just want to write." "rather obsessive" craig "I have the words in me...and I just gotta get them out." "I'll write till I drop." By "a petrol-head couch pot-a-to" Enjoy About the submitter: Craig is a motor racing "fanatic" ( a "passionate petrol-head"), who believes in (and loves) helping others to find their passions and gifts... through encouraging people to reach out for, then accomplish their "wildest" dreams. He truly believes people can overcome obstacles, rise to any occasion, and accomplish their dreams, even 'Endless Possibilities, Far and Great Horizons' in life with enough FAITH and PERSISTENCE. The various books that Craig "felt inspired to write" (including his various books on motor racing and Formula 1) are available at: http: //www.amazon.com/-/e/B005GGMAW4 http: //www.amazon.com/s/ref=la_B005GGMAW4_sr?rh=i%3Abooks&field-author=Craig+Lock http: //goo.gl/vTpjk and http: //www.creativekiwis.com/amazon.html The submitter's motor racing blogs (with extracts from his various writings: articles, books and new manuscripts) are at http: //grandprixdriver.wordpress.com http: //grandprixchampion.wordpress.com/ http: //grandprixdrivermyblog.wordpress.com/ http: //godandformula1.wordpress.com/ http: //www.sportforpeace.wordpress.com and his various other blogs are at http: //craigsblogs.wordpress. Obsessive or WHAT! "Together, one mind, one life at a time, let's see how many people we can impact, encourage, empower, uplift and perhaps even inspire to reach their fullest potentials...and so become 'ever more champions of life'


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