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Embracing Disruption

RRP $16.99

Food trailers swiping credit cards on their smart phones. Arab revolutionaries toppling dictators with Twitter and Facebook. And entrepreneurs running their entire businesses from an iPad. We wrote this manifesto to explore an exciting world propelled by disruptive innovation. This book is a collaborative effort that started as a Kickstarter project in 2012. Our goal was to write an easy to understand book about the cloud that covered the philosophy that underlies it. We wrote this book so that it would be accessible to everyone.

Motor Racing's Strangest Races

RRP $19.99

Since 1894, when motor racing's colourful history began with a bang (and a banger!), drivers, racers and lunatics alike have done many stupid and bizarre things all in the name of motor sport. Author Geoff Tibballs has gathered together this absorbing collection of stories from over a century of motor racing around the world, including the Frenchman who drove 25 miles in reverse, the Grand Prix in which the leading drivers were so far ahead that they stopped for a meal in the pits, the Le Mans 24-hour race won by a car patched up with chewing gum, and the driver who drank six bottles of champagne - virtually one per pit-stop - on the way to winning the Indianapolis 500.

The stories in this book are bizarre, fascinating, hilarious, and, most importantly, true. Revised, redesigned and updated for a new generation of petrol heads, this book contains enough extraordinary-but-true tales to drive anyone around the bend.

About the Author

Sports writer Geoff Tibballs is the author of several bestselling titles in the Strangest... series, on a range of sports including motor-racing and the Olympics. He also wrote Great Sporting Scandals published by Robson.

The Historic Motor Racing Lover's Colouring Book

RRP $13.99

Feel the thrill of classic motor racing with this unique collection of vintage vehicles in action at prestigious Croft Circuit, Darlington. Images feature the Historic Sports Car Club at their exciting best at this year's Nostalgic Festival. Add your personal touch to these magnificent shots of the festival's most inspiring action. Showcase your talents and make these one off images come to life forever!

Markers In Cardiology

RRP $255.99

With the rapid development of the field of cardiac biomarkers comes a need for updated guidance on how to use them clinically. Drs. Adams, Jaffe, and Apple meet that need with this timely reference.<br><p>Taking a case-oriented approach for the greatest clinical relevance, the book bridges the gap between science and practice. If you use &#8211; or want to use &#8211; cardiac markers such as BNP and troponin to help your patients, you will find this clear and comprehensive reference provides a dependable source of valuable information.<br><p>The 19 chapters are divided into three parts:<br><p>&#8226; Cardiac Troponins<br>&#8226; Natriuretic Peptides<br>&#8226; Contemporary Markers of Risk<br><p>The authors cover the technical, clinical, and outcome assessments for each marker used in clinical practice. After each case scenario, an extensive discussion explains the clinical decisions and provides valuable context.

Tracing Mobilities

RRP $457.99

Mobility is a basic principle of modernity besides others like individuality, rationality, equality and globality. Taking its cue from this concept, this book presents a movement that begins with the macro-social transformations linked to mobility and ends with empirical discussions on the new forms of mobility and their implications for everyday life. The book opens with a study of the social changes unique to the second age of modernity, with contributions from Ulrich Beck, John Urry, Wolfgang Bonss and Sven Kesselring. It continues with a discussion of the implications of these changes for sociological research. Authors such as Vincent Kaufmann, Weert Canzler, Norbert Schneider, Beate Collet, Ruth Limmer and Gerlinde Vogl focus on a series of field examinations, both qualitative and quantitative, of emerging mobilities. The book is a foray into the exciting new field of interdisciplinary mobility research informed by theoretical reflection and empirical investigation.


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