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Auto Racing Humor

RRP $12.99

A humorous collection of original auto racing cartoons. This book (6" x 9") contains 34 pages of black & white cartoons. Cartoonist, Robert Tiritilli, plays with every shade of sports humor.

Motor Racing's Strangest Races

RRP $19.99

Since 1894, when motor racing's colourful history began with a bang (and a banger!), drivers, racers and lunatics alike have done many stupid and bizarre things all in the name of motor sport. Author Geoff Tibballs has gathered together this absorbing collection of stories from over a century of motor racing around the world, including the Frenchman who drove 25 miles in reverse, the Grand Prix in which the leading drivers were so far ahead that they stopped for a meal in the pits, the Le Mans 24-hour race won by a car patched up with chewing gum, and the driver who drank six bottles of champagne - virtually one per pit-stop - on the way to winning the Indianapolis 500.

The stories in this book are bizarre, fascinating, hilarious, and, most importantly, true. Revised, redesigned and updated for a new generation of petrol heads, this book contains enough extraordinary-but-true tales to drive anyone around the bend.

About the Author

Sports writer Geoff Tibballs is the author of several bestselling titles in the Strangest... series, on a range of sports including motor-racing and the Olympics. He also wrote Great Sporting Scandals published by Robson.

Too Old For Motor Racing

RRP $16.49

We all have dreams of what we want to do and who we want to become. Many of us eventually decide it is too late; we have missed our chances. But is it ever really too late to try?

Don Simpson does not think so. In his memoir, Too Old for Motor Racing, he tells the story of how he became a race car driver at the age of sixty-two. Simpson is an ordinary man from a regular family; he spent his early years living on a council estate in Liverpool, UK. He attended the school at the end of his street, leaving as soon as he could. As a young man with a young family, he could not indulge in his passion for motor racing except as a spectator; racing was simply too expensive and risky for someone with a family to take care of. Later in life, however, Simpson discovered limits are almost always imagined, not real. At the age of sixty-two, he began to race.

Although your passion may be for something other than motor racing, this memoir seeks to inspire you to go after your dreams, because it is never too late to try.

A Village Class For Drawing And Wood Carving

RRP $16.99

It is an admirable handbook for the use of people who desire to find interesting occupation for young people, or old either, for that matter, in our small village communities, and who are willing to take the trouble to conduct such a class as the author here writes about. The book is the outcome of practical experience, it is full of common sense, and is very well and fully illustrated.
-The Magazine of Art, Volume 15 [1892]

The popularity of the revived art of wood-carving is attested by the number of manuals of elementary instruction in it, which continue to multiply. Miss Martineau's book is a mere introduction to the mechanical part of the art, her object being to base the practice of it on a sound knowledge of elementary drawing and geometry. The book consists of specimen lessons, for which the rules, definitions, diagrams or drawings are given on one page, and on the next and opposite, a set of questions to test the pupil s grasp of the subject. Suggestions for home work also are added. The manual is well calculated to develop intelligence and interest. We don't quite see why the author chooses to spell the familiar ' isosceles' as 'isoskeles.'
-The Literary World, Volume 45 [1892]

Embracing A Concrete Desert

RRP $56.99

'I wish I could say that I have arrived and will never have to stare into the darkness again, but I know that isn't so. I do know, though, that I have to embrace the present moment and celebrate life whatever that may involve today. My Creator is alive within and throughout this amazing world, and has never failed, through thick and thin, to wrap me in wings of protection and comfort. There are many layers of negativity to be peeled back so that a glimpse of God's image can show through. Just as one layer is lifting, another appears to take its place. That's where grace comes in. In desperate times, God dishes it out lavishly, like my grandma's generous servings of homemade strawberry shortcake...' This is the story of an unfinished journey - a journey that finds a path through pain leading to healing and celebration. It is the story of one woman choosing to seek wholeness despite heartache, serenity in the midst of struggling to adapt to a very different life, and discovering how in the driest of desert places God can reveal fresh water springs for the soul. It is a story shared through lyrical reflections and poems sparked by the ups and downs of life in a teeming Middle Eastern metropolis. Endorsements for this title come from Philip Yancey and Eugene Peterson


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